Engineered Hardwood Flooring

March 27th, 2015

This is the ultimate hardwood flooring you can install in your house. There is a big misconception about engineered flooring of that is not a real hardwood floor, this is utterly false. In fact, an engineered hardwood floor is one of the best hardwood flooring to install in your house. Times have changed and manufactures have realized by using an engineered or plywood base under the hardwood surface the hardwood will stay straight and will not be easily affected by the moisture during the summer-winter changes. This means that having an engineered hardwood floor installed in your house over the years you will see less shrinkage and expansion which means less gapping in the floor. Installation of this product is also easier as all the boards are made perfectly strait because the layer of wood on top is not great enough to warp the plywood base. Given these great factors of a floor means you can install it on any type of subfloor you have including radiant heat. If you have radiant heat you must be sure that the product you choose is rated for a radiant heated floor before your hardwood flooring installer commences installation.