Hardwood Flooring Installation Services, Nanaimo BC


There are many different ways to install a hardwood floor, by using our professional installation services, be sure to get the job done right with no hiccups during the process. When renovating a home the last thing you want is a delay, by hiring us to install your hardwood flooring for you will be informed not pushed into all the different ways that we can install your floors in your home. Many installers will push you toward an easier route for themselves so they can make a quick buck off you and run away. We will guarantee our work and make sure that you will know that the job was done right and to the best way possible for your home. Harwood flooring installations differ from house to house and here are some of the ways they can be installed:

Nailed Down / Solid Hardwood Flooring

This is the traditional method and the only way a solid floor should be installed. When you have a solid floor installed in your house this usually means you have a 3/4 inch thick and a 1”- 5” width. When installing a solid floor the floor must by acclimated to the humidity and moisture content of your home, this should be done before every installation. A solid floor will expand with every season so be sure there is a ¼ inch expansion minimum everywhere in the floor or this will cause problems later on as your floor needs to breath with the seasonal changes. If you are installing over a crawl space, you should open a vent in the crawl to help keep a more consistent temperature and to rid of the moisture so your hardwood floor won’t suck it up, this will cause gaping and cupping in your flooring. This should be installed with a 2” staple or cleat with a layer in between the plywood and Hardwood flooring to stop the wood on wood contact. By following easy steps you will have a flawless installation on your solid floor, be sure to hire a professional installer to get the job done right, we can offer this to you so you can have a clear conscience that your floor is perfect.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring


This is the ultimate hardwood flooring you can install in your house. There is a big misconception about engineered flooring of that is not a real hardwood floor, this is utterly false. In fact, an engineered hardwood floor is one of the best hardwood flooring to install in your house. Times have changed and manufactures have realized by using an engineered or plywood base under the hardwood surface the hardwood will stay straight and will not be easily affected by the moisture during the summer-winter changes. This means that having an engineered hardwood floor installed in your house over the years you will see less shrinkage and expansion which means less gapping in the floor. Installation of this product is also easier as all the boards are made perfectly strait because the layer of wood on top is not great enough to warp the plywood base. Given these great factors of a floor means you can install it on any type of subfloor you have including radiant heat. If you have radiant heat you must be sure that the product you choose is rated for a radiant heated floor before your hardwood flooring installer commences installation.

Floating Floor Installation

Floating floor installation is one of the easiest ways to lay a floor, with this being said many hardwood flooring installers will want you to choose this type of installation because it is fast. Although it is fast and many people install it this way it must be done right to not have future problems with the installation. This particular way of installing a floor can easily be problematic because since it is floating it is always moving as you walk on it. A perfect level is essential to having a successful installation of this type, also an expansion gap around everywhere is very important as if it gets pinched on a corner you will have a huge bulge in the middle of your floor when the floor tries to expand. Even though it is less time to install this way there might be a better way to install it in your house, a secured floor will have a lot less chances to have a problem.


Glue Down Flooring Installation

Glue down flooring installation is an excellent way to install a floor as it offers a solid feel to a floor that will hardly expand and contract in the seasonal changes which means little to no gapping in your floor. You have many options that you wouldn’t have with a floating application as in going tight to a transition at a doorway or flush to tiles to get a beautiful installation on your floor. On a floating floor you cannot have this option because you cannot secure on part of the floor only, so in all the door way transitions you must use a over lapping t-cap to cover any expansion gaps you leave. This application is for someone you really appreciates and takes care of their floor as ripping out the damaged floor once it has been glued down is very messy and costly. If you ask a professional installer what he would do in his dream house 9/10 will say they would glue down their floor.

Nail Down Installation

Nail down installation can be done with most engineered products as well this is you next best way to install the floor of your dreams as it is the say procedure as noted in the solid hardwood flooring installation this will require a thinner gauge cleat or staple.

Click in Flooring Installation

Click in flooring is another popular way a floating floor is made, like a laminate; the tongue and groove system is a “click in “system that locks the flooring in to place. This hardwood and laminate flooring is a simple system made for a home owner to be able to install the flooring themselves, although that the flooring is easy to put together there a many different tools and preparation that the average home owner will not know. We definitely recommend you consult us or any other professional hardwood installer before commencing installation so you can know what exactly what is involved and decide if you are really up to installing your own flooring. It is relatively easy to install a click in floor but by hiring a professional hardwood installer you can be guaranteed to have a successful installation.

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